Executive Officer: USS Alchemy

Name: Paxton Briggs
Aliases: Pax
Rank: LT. Commander
Position: (Classified) Executive Officer, USS Alchemy NX-53099

Age: 32
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 218 lbs.
Martial Status: Single
Family On Board: None

Distinguishing Physical Characteristics/Markings: Paxton has a long scar running down the middle of his back

Likes: Sports, Teamwork, Good food and conversation.

Dislikes: People who say that something can not be done.

Skills/Abilities: Has an addictive personality. Can make anyone feel comfortable and like a friend.

Weaknesses: Can't turn down a challenge. Can be over competitive.

Cultural Customs: Traditional Human

Important Values: Believes strongly in teamwork. Nothing is impossible, if you can't do it yourself find a friend to help.

Ambitions: To have a command of his own.

Quirks: Loves a crowd. Does not like to be alone even in his own quarters, has been known to keep several animals as companion pets.


Paxton Briggs was born into a large farming family on New Wales mining colony on the Tirius Three moon. He and his four brothers and three sisters worked on the family farm along with his mother and father. He is the third child and oldest of his brothers.

The Briggs clan did extremely well for themselves on colony. Their land claim was clearly the best of the colonies farms and enabled them to produce and sell the majority of the food that was consumed by the mining colony. This brought about great wealth and allowed the Briggs' buy out the competing farms and to hire workers to tend the farms. Wanting their children to receive the best education possible they used their wealth to send them to the best schools in the federation.

Paxton, or Pax to his friends, attended Westchester Academy on Earth. He showed leadership tendencies early on and a preference for sports. Throughout his education career he at least tried just about every sport available to the students. By the time he reached high school he had settled on Rugby, Soccer, Baseball, and Fencing as his favorites. His leadership skills and dynamic personality quite often pushed him to the front of the team making team captain on more then one occasion.

Having grown up in such a large family Paxton felt comfortable in crowds. The constant bickering and bartering between his siblings and himself had sharpened his communication and bargaining skills, it was only natural for him to run for the class president. He was elected president of his graduating class by an overwhelming margin.

He had received offers from several top colleges to attend. After taking several tours of college campuses he was still undecided on what he wanted. Although they all offered superb educational opportunities they lacked one critical element, excitement. He wanted a career that offered the excitement, camaraderie, and teamwork of the sports that he enjoyed. After a tour of Starfleet Academy in San Francisco he knew he had found his future.

His four years at the Academy were busy ones he found himself constantly juggling between his class work and his social life. He worked hard in his classes and enjoyed the challenges they presented. He continued to participate in sports joining several of the Academy's teams. He made captain of the Rugby team in his junior and senior years. He majored in history and tactical regimes. He ran for senior class president but lost by a narrow margin to Sara Leepers, who made him vice president.

As a testament to Paxton's personality he and Sara became fast friends and eventually lovers. After graduation in the class of 2378 and receiving their commissions they were both lucky enough to be assigned to the Galaxy class starship the USS Magellan. Paxton served in the tactical department while Sara went to operations.

Paxton's attitude and commanding personality got him noticed by his department head and after Three years of service he found himself promoted to Lieutenant (jg) and transferred to the Excelsior class ship the USS Cairo. He proposed to Sara but she declined not wanting a long distance relationship. So the transfer resulted in the end of his relationship with Sara but they stay close personal friends and communicate often. She currently serves as first officer of the USS Rutledge.

He served with distinction on the Cairo earning various service awards and achieving the rank of Lieutenant in 2383. In 2385 the Cairo was destroyed in an engagement with a rouge Romulan Bird of Prey near the Ateris Cluster. He survived along with 60% of the ships crew. During the evacuation of the Cairo several member of the bridge crew had become trapped in a damaged turbo lift. At great personal peril he had retrieved tools to open the emergency hatch and climbed down the shaft to cut it open. During the climb out of the shaft a particularly violent jolt to the ship had caused him to lose his grip and plummet down the shaft breaking his back.

His actions during the battle and efforts to save trapped crew members earned him several commendations but the damage to his spine was severe. Several operations were needed to correct the damage. For a time there was a fear that he would be crippled. He spent two years in physical therapy and eventually learned to walk again but his days of contact sports were over.

It took another two years to be cleared for active duty once again, although he was banned from participating in contact sports and restricted to planet-side duty. He still participates in sports such as fencing, tennis, and other low impact games.

He served at Starfleet headquarters in the Intelligence Department doing research while he continued his treatments and recovery.

During this time he had once again been promoted, achieving the rank of. Lt. Commander. He approached the review board and campaigned for a off world assignment. After several medical checks he was cleared to go back into space once again. His first assignment, Chief of Tactical on the newly christened Border Station Indigo.

In 2389, while hitching a lift to a conference aboard the USS Serendipity (along with Dr. Lance Hartcort) Paxton was drafted into service aboard ship during a time of crisis.

One crisis led to another which eventually led to Captain Zanh Liis O'Sullivan offering and Paxton accepting a specialized position within The Alchemy Project: the vital role of Executive Officer of the prototype USS Alchemy NX-53099.

Academy Degree: Class of 2378 – History and Tactical Major

Additional/Other Training: N/A


2378 – Tactical Officer USS Magellan
2383 – Tactical Officer USS Cairo (Destroyed 2385)
2385 – Intelligence Officer - Starfleet Headquarters
2386 – Chief Tactical Officer – Border Station Indigo
2388 – Promoted to Second Officer – Border Station Indigo
2389 – Promoted to Second Officer – Border Station Indigo
2389:- Promoted to Executive Officer- USS Alchemy

Promotion History:

2378 – Received Commission as Ensign
2383 – Promoted Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385 – Promoted Lieutenant Senior Grade
2388 – Promoted Lt. Commander

Disciplinary Actions: None to date