Current Roster

USS Serendipity NCC-2012


Commanding Officer:****Zanh Liis O'Sullivan

Executive Officer: *** Commander Salvek
Second Officer/Chief of Operations: ***CMDR TC Blane

Flight Control Officer: Ensign Gira Lassiter

Communications Officer: Ensign Landry Steele
Communications Officer: Ensign Sue Tenney

Chief of Security/Security Liaison for The Alchemy Project: Keiran O'Sullivan

Security Officer: Ensign Aubrey Church
Security Officer: LT (JG) Dwan Tubman

Temporal Investigations Intern:
Ensign Dane Cristiane

Tactical Officer: LT. Elliot Talbot
Chief Engineering Officer: LT CMDR Rada Dengar
Engineering Officer: Crewman Jamie Halliday
Engineering Officer: Lt. Josiah Barlow
Transporter Chief: Crewman Parrish

Director of Engineering Research and Development
for The Alchemy Project: Commander Lair Kellyn

Chief Science Officer:
Commander Dabin Reece

Medical Officer: Dr. Dalton McKay (Long-term Medical Hologram)
Physician's Assistant: LT. Madeline Moth
Nurse: ENH

Ship's Counselor: LT. Vol Tryst

-=Civilian Crew=-

Manager: The Afterthought Café : Wren Elton

Bartender/Manager Illusions Lounge:
Trick London

Ship's Head Chef: Angus MacDougal

--=Family members of the crew=--

Lair Arie

Tam Elton

-=Supervising Officers and Starfleet Support Personnel=-

Director of The Alchemy Project: [****] Admiral Gem Lassiter
The Department Of Temporal Investigations (Agent, Timeline Control Division): Captain William Lindsay

The Department of Temporal Investigations: Operations Observer to The Alchemy Project: Ashton Ledbetter

-=Friends, Foes, and Former Crew=-

Fleur Le Marc

Stellar Cartography: LT. Samthia Wej-Blakeslee

Lt. Commander Paxton Briggs

Admiral Vox

Doctor Tucker Brody, Temporal Investigations (coming soon)

Avery Breaux

Ensign T'Dara

Lt. Lara Valera Ryn
MiM (Mechanical Interface Maintenance Bot)

Thomas and Johannes Blakeslee

Please note: Our crew roster is currently closed. If in the future we are opening up spaces for new writers to audition to join us, it will be posted here and in the news section of the site. -=/\=-Captain Zanh Liis O'Sullivan