Wren Elton

Name: Wren Elton
Species: Betazoid
Birthplace: Betazed
Home world: Betazed
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried (Involved)

Position: Manager: The Afterthought Café USS Serendipity (Civilian)

Physical Description:

Height: 5'10'
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Personal History:

Wren had a difficult childhood on Betazed. Her father was a figure in Betazed’s small criminal underworld and was often too busy working toward his idea of a better life for his family to spend time with them. Whilst as a child Wren simply accepted that there were some things that her father had to do as she got older she began to resent the dishonest life that he was leading.

Her relationship with her mother was even worse. Wren’s mother was deaf but since as a Betazoid she generally communicated telepathically she never saw the point in learning how to read lips or to use sign language which meant that before Wren’s telepathic abilities developed the two of them had no way of speaking directly to one another. They never really bonded as mother and daughter and even when Wren got older and they could speak telepathically they found they had little to say to each other.

Her parents found that they were very different people than they had been when they met and their relationship began to breakdown. The three of them ended up being essentially strangers in the same house, only speaking to argue.

Her mother turned to drink and her father turned away.

She also had a younger brother that she was once quite close with. He had a similar relationship with their mother but a very different one with their father and much to Wren’s disgust he chose to follow him into the family business. The tensions in the house grew to the point where, at eighteen years old, Wren stormed out after a particularly fierce argument and left Betazed headed for Earth.

There she got whatever work she could and eventually found her way to a very run down tavern in San Francisco. She worked there for the next two years when there was work and ended up buying it from the owner for a steal when business was down and it became too much for him to take care of. Whilst managing this tavern she met a young Starfleet cadet named Rada Dengar, they found themselves instantly drawn to one another and began a relationship. Things progressed between them quickly.

It was not to last though as Wren cheated on Rada with a Half Vulcan Half Betazoid who came into the tavern one night and fell pregnant with a child she would later name Tam. Knowing that Rada would insist on leaving the academy to help raise Tam if he knew, she chose to leave without telling him and instead left a note saying that she had to go but claiming that he wouldn’t understand why.

With no help forthcoming from Tam’s biological father she was forced to raise him alone but knowing the importance of a child having a good father figure she chose to create one for him. She based this father figure around one of the few good men she’d ever known; Rada Dengar. She gave Tam his name and claimed that he was 'always just away'.

Years later Rada, in an attempt to track Wren down, came across the name Tam Dengar in some Earth records and mistakenly assumed that he was Tam’s father. When he confronted Wren about this she revealed the truth but told him that if he attempted to leave Starfleet to be with her then he would never see her again. Rada returned to his ship and the two remained in contact.

It was at this time that Tam’s father came back into her life and started to make contact with Tam behind Wren’s back. When she found out she began to fear that he would try to take Tam from her and so she fled back to her family home where they would be safe from him. There she discovered that her younger brother had taken the family business from her father.

She and Tam remained there for a short time and she shared details of her life since she left with her brother. He was particularly interested in Rada and his ability not to be sensed by Betazoids which he thought he could use to his advantage with transporting cargo past the Betazoid authorities. He lured Rada down to the planet and took him prisoner, attempting to break him as a way to test his limits.

Before he could succeed Wren helped Rada escape. Wren’s brother attempted to use Tam as a bargaining chip to force Rada to comply but Rada managed to contact the Alchemy and to have them all transported up. The security officers took Wren’s brother into custody but Rada had already been injured prior to the beam out. Wren decided to stay with him while he healed and ended up choosing to remain on board the Serendipity. They have since resumed their relationship.

Ambitions: To make up for past mistakes and to make sure that Tam always knows that he has people who love him, no matter what.

Likes: Wren likes good food, honest people, lazy mornings in and generally anything unusual. She appreciates the simply indulgences in life like eating something chocolaty for breakfast or putting double the sugar in her drinks than it says in the recipe. She loves just being somewhere that she doesn’t feel like she ever has to leave. She also loves a good celebration and has been known to go a little overboard some times when alcohol is involved.

Dislikes: Wren hates having to censor herself and believes that if you don’t want something said you shouldn’t let it be true. She has little patience for being lied to especially when she can’t confront the person on it because she shouldn’t be using her abilities on them. She also dislikes people being too cheerful in the morning.

Weaknesses: Whilst generally free of any major vice Wren still struggles on occasion to resist a good temptation, especially if she thinks no one will find out and can convince herself that no one will get hurt. She does not operate well when tired and can sometimes be short with people if she hasn’t slept. She is not good at standing at formality. She is not a naturally orderly person and tends to have wherever she sleeps descend into chaos with more of her clothing on the floor than in the closet. She is not a good liar.

Strengths: Wren is generally very good at thinking on her feet. She is naturally confident in herself and never afraid to be who she is. She has a good sense of humour when she’s happy which she knows when not to use. She’s also naturally graceful.