Crewman Halliday

Name of Officer: Jamison Adam Halliday
Position: Engineering Officer, USS Serendipity/Alchemy
Rank: Crewman, First Class
Birth World: Earth
Home Planet: Earth
Race/Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Marital Status: Unmarried

Physical Description:

Height: 5'9'
Weight: 140
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Personal History:

Jamison (or Jamie) was born on Earth in the valley of the Annan River in South Scotland.

Jamison was the youngest of his parents’ four children, his sister became a doctor and his two brothers followed their father into law enforcement. Rather than being pressured into following his father like his brothers had, Jamison was specifically told by his father that he wouldn’t allow it.

This was the result of Jamison’s father viewing him as being too naïve and therefore not law enforcement material. Also his father knew that if Jamison did qualify they’d end up working together and he felt that such a thing would be bad for the team’s performance, therefore bad for his own reputation, therefore bad for the family’s reputation and therefore bad for Jamison.

Whilst there was certainly evidence to support the claims that Jamison was naïve he was still much more intelligent than he was given credit for. He did (And does) however possess low impulse control and a habit of becoming all too easily and all too often fascinated with something and carried away.

He demonstrated this at the age of twenty-one when he was given a job working with his uncle performing simple maintenance on small space craft and became fascinated with how they operated, he then began to read everything he could on the concept every free moment he got. When his uncle jokingly suggested that he should join Starfleet Jamison took this literally and decided to apply.

Not viewing Jamison as Starfleet material his father took him to see a friend of his in Starfleet recruitment to explain exactly how much work is involved in becoming an officer. Discouraged by what seemed like a long time at the age of twenty-one to even get a chance to get onto a ship Jamison asked if there were any other way he could get into Starfleet.

When his father’s friend mentioned that he could enlist without the work of becoming an Officer, Jamison immediately responded “Okay then, I’ll do that,” and set about applying.

When posted to his first ship he discovered that he loved life onboard a Starship although many of his fellow crew members couldn’t understand why as he actually had no real interest in space travel, exploration or any of the other work Starfleet does. He was and is constantly captivated however by the way a Starship operates and has therefore served with distinction through out his career, making it to the rank of crewman first class by the age of twenty-five.

With his most recent promotion he was also transferred onboard the newly commissioned USS Serendipity where he is extremely grateful to get to work with some of Starfleet’s most advanced technology. Whilst he takes a great deal of pride in his position, his success has been kept mostly secret from his family as he doesn’t like to shock them.

Ambitions: To come up with a list of things to do by the time he’s forty by the time he’s thirty.

Likes: Warp Drive, Transporter Technology and Chocolate Milk.

Dislikes: Very few things.

Weaknesses: Jamison is impulsive, often easily distracted and can be too trusting. He can become absorbed in his work and lose all track of time. He does have difficulty saying no to people. He is also often honest to a fault and whilst he never speaks without thinking he’s not too choosey about the order he does them in.

Strengths: Jamison has a 'can do' attitude, he’s naturally likeable, curious, almost always has a smile on his face and is extremely loyal. He doesn’t believe that anything’s impossible and sees nothing wrong with the entire department working around the clock if it will achieve a slight improvement in efficiency, traits which other engineers have suggested would make him perfectly suited to the position of Captain.