Vol Tryst

Name: Vol Aniso Tryst
(pronounced V-all Ah-knee-so Try-st)
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Species: Betazoid/Human Hybrid
Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Position: Ship’s Counselor, USS Serendipity NCC-2012

Place of Birth: Medara/Betazed
Marital Status: Unmarried
Family: Betazoid Father - Tholt Tryst
Human Mother - Valerie Satz
Older Hybrid Brother - Siter Tryst

Physical Appearance:

Typical of all Betazeds and most hybrids, Vol is paler than the average human. He also has the indicative trait of a stark black iris in each of his eyes, which are made to look less severe under his short jet black hair. Vol has strong facial features, with a pointed chin and pronounced eyebrows. When Vol is angry or serious, he looks almost menacing.

He stands at about 5ft 10in., and weighs roughly 120 lbs. He’s very slim, and carries himself with his shoulders back when on duty and in uniform. When he isn’t in uniform, his lack of any fashion sense is clear. He usually wears garments that are in a neutral color, the same colour from head to toe, and thus normally one-piece garments to make things easier. All black, all gray, all beige… it’s almost appreciated that he normally keeps to himself when off-duty.


Vol can be very charismatic, friendly, but also reserved and quiet. It honestly depends on when you catch him. He may be having tea with a fictional holodeck character from one of his favourite novels, or practicing his fencing skills whilst also hanging upside down. That's the different between Mondays and Tuesdays on some occasions. Vol is also honest to a fault, which makes him interesting to have as a Counselor,

True to his blood parental heritage, Vol is a trained empath, but has only developed his telepathic sense in recent years. He has always been able to speak telepathically to both his parents and his brother, and receive telepathic messages from his brother and father, but those were his limitations. At present, Vol has been able to communicate telepathically to other psychic species, but continues to practice this ability.

Vol takes his work very seriously. He avoids dallying and distractions, and can often come off as rude as (when in the right context) he simply does not put up with any kind of bravado as he figures out the fastest and most efficient way to accomplish a task, or find a solution. In fact, he’s discovered that he goes too fast at times. Sometimes the journey is more informative and interesting than the final destination. At the time being, Vol has some difficulty separating his work and his personal life especially in regards to his patients. He feels that “Once a patient, never a friend,” though he has discovered all too quickly that such a motto holds no ground on a starship.

When faced with a being whose mind he cannot read (not by choice) Vol, like most Betazoids, becomes uncomfortable. He visibly becomes stiff, and fidgets with his fingers. Vol distrusts anybody he cannot read, and will often ask to be excused from the situation to prevent him from becoming offensive.


Vol was born and raised for the most part on Betazed. His human mother and father separated shortly after he was born. Valerie had been unfaithful to her husband, and because of that she was viewed as little more than an eyesore within the community. To make life easier for her, she moved back to her home world (Earth). Vol saw his mother at least once every two months with the accompaniment of his brother, but not his father.

As Vol grew older, the idea of being aboard a starship became insatiable; though his first steps were off the beaten path for a Betazoid at first. Vol lived with his mother for a time while he attended Starfleet Academy, studying to be a Science officer at first. Vol felt that in order to take his studies and goals seriously, he would have to study within a field that was factual and filled with data. An unchanging science, such as Stellar Cartography.

Although he excelled in his complimentary courses of Diplomacy and Politics, Vol’s grades were less than stellar overall. The strict rules and formulas no longer held him enthralled, and instead the student would find himself skipping class just to study and observe other people. There were one or two incidents where he was reprimanded for probing the emotions of his classmates without permission.

Having found his true passion, Vol took up studying medicine with a specialty in Psychiatry and Counseling at the Starfleet Academy annex on Betazed. Living with his father again, Vol had never concentrated on something so hard in his life. What was more, was that he thoroughly enjoyed the work.

Now, having received his PhD with Prestige, Vol itches to set foot on a starship and begin working towards becoming a bridge officer. Knowing that the Ship’s Counselor position was made, but not limited to, Betazoids in mind; Vol is eager to fill that role one day soon.

Since serving on the Sera, Vol has had a number of ordeals that have altered him tremendously. A species of technologically advanced and dependant beings infiltatred his body, implanting a device that completely disabled his psychic abilities for a time. This effect was reversed by changing the function of the same device: from “disable” to “enhance.” Therefore, Vol has regained his empathic and telepathic abilities, with some. . . side effects.

Vol has also very nearly been married to a childhood friend of his, but, as his crew mates witnessed, the wedding was a mockery of what love is truly supposed to be and Vol stopped the ceremony in progress before the union was official.

Vol continues to serve aboard the Sera with a reason to get up in the morning. The people with whom he serves are special and unique in every which way, and Vol is more than happy to serve alongside them every day