Dr. Lance Hartcort

Name: Lance Hartcort
Rank: Commander
Current Position: Chief Medical Officer, USS Serendipity

Species: Human/Vulcan (3/4 Human)

Age: 25



Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Distinguishing Physical Characteristics:

Lance Hartcort is a doctor extraordinaire, or at least that is what he will tell you. He is a tall, handsome, dark haired, blue-eyed playboy who is good with his hands, in more then one way. He is also self-confident even downright cocky at times, but rightfully so. He knows his stuff, graduated at the top of his class, and is well on his way to be the youngest Chief Medical Officer in Starfleet, well, human chief medical officer anyway.

Lance Hartcort hails from a long line of medical doctors and nurses, at least four generations long. His father is the current chief of staff at Starfleet Medical Research in San Francisco. His mother is a prominent neurosurgeon who has written several white papers on various brain disorders in Humans and Vulcans. Oh, and by the way, she is a Vulcan, well half Vulcan. His grandparents on his father’s side were both Starfleet doctors and his grandfather on his mothers side was a private physician and his mother was a Vulcan mystic.

So, technically he is not full human just three quarters. In any case he knew more about medicine going into the Academy then most. In fact it took two years of medical school before they showed him the first thing that he did not already know. By the time it was over Lance had taken the test a year early and passed it. He was known as the resident comedian playboy of that years graduating class.

Unfortunately his age wound up being a hindrance to him. Many felt that he needed more maturity to do the job. But after six months of working to convince the Board he was ready they finally gave him an assignment, working in the deep space medical research facility Alteria.

He served his time, two years of it on the station. He supervising officer had nothing but good things to say about him, along with the single women of the station. He combines his charming and joking personality into a superior bedside manner, combine that with his great knowledge of medicine, and he was an instant hit.

The one quarter Vulcan in him comes out whenever he needs to focus on a problem or when he is diagnosing a problem. His demeanor changes dramatically and a cold calculating side of him emerges. Always precise and to the point during this time he draws more then one stare from those who work with. These moments pass as quickly as they appear and he returns to his normal cheerful self.

He longed for something more the research facility life, not to mention he was running out of woman to date. So he put in a transfer much to the chagrin of his C.O. It was approved and he was on his way to his new home, the USS Revolution.

He worked his way up though the ranks of the medical team (as well as the single -female populace of the Revolution) to become the ships CMO. A feat that he had been striving for since joining Starfleet.

Though a series of unfortunate events the Revolution was damage to the point of requiring a refit requiring the ship to be in dry dock for up to a year. Commander Paxton Briggs from Border Station Indigo was tasked to travel to a conference to discuss the numerous issues with the new station. Knowing that Lance would be available he asked the CMO to join him on the long journey.

One of the ships that they would be traveling on was the USS Serendipity.

They never made it to conference.

While en route the ship was side tracked by two events. A unknown virus that was sweeping through the Plains of Bajor and an attack and kidnapping by a old Romulan enemy caused their trip to be sidelined.

Hartcort prevented certain disaster from occurring on Bajor and has earned the affection and gratitude of the Bajoran people- if not their government.

After all of the events were settled Captain Zanh Liis, deeply impressed with the work Hartcort had accomplished on Bajor in preventing a deadly epidemic, offered Lance the CMO position on the Serendipity and he accepted it preferring the excitement of an active starship over the boredom of one in dry dock.