Flight Controller: Lassiter

Name: Gira Vale Lassiter
Rank: Ensign
Current Position: Flight Controller, USS Serendipity/USS Alchemy
Former Position: Classified: Senior Flight Controller, USS Perseids, under Captain Keiran O'Sullivan (Temporal Investigations)

Age: 22
Species: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthworld: Earth
Homeworld: Earth
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs.

Personal History: Gira is the child of one of the most powerful- and feared, couples in the history of Starfleet: or more specifically, of Temporal Investigations.

Born to the Jump team gone wrong of Vale and Lassiter, Gira's future with the 'family business' was sealed, long before she was born.

Gira's mother, Gemini Lassiter, never surrendered her maiden name and gave it to her children, since the man she was Jump partners with, married, and later divorced (Captain Joseph Vale)had been through so many memory resequencing procedures that he could not even recall his original, given name after a point. From that time on, he only used his 'assigned' name as dictated by Fleet higher-ups.

The name that Starfleet gave to Joseph Vale was Jonas Vox.

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