Micah Samson

Name of Officer: Micah Elias Samson

Rank: Lieutenant (sg)

Age: 27 Standard Years

Species: Human

Marital Status: Unmarried

Birthworld: Risa

Homeworld: Risa

Current Assignment: Classified

Physical Description:

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Green

Distinguishing Characteristics: A scar on his right knee from a surfing accident when he was a child.
Permanent Starfleet Record:

Lt. Samson is an expert in stellar cartography. His decision to pursue this career was based on the fact that ever since childhood, he always wanted to know where the next star in the sky led to. And the next. . .and the next. . .

His hobby, bordering on obsession is meteorology, a science which has become outdated as many planets in the Alpha quadrant now have weather modification nets, just as Earth does.

Still, he likes to study weather patterns on worlds which do not have this technology. He finds the unpredictable and dramatic nature of uncontrolled weather a mystery which draws him in and confounds him at the same time- much like women do.

Having grown up on Risa, he reacted to the openness and, ahem, social nature of the planet's native inhabitants by "bravely running away." He has never picked up the hedonistic ways of those who tend to settle on this world and hardly can believe, after leaving it to serve in space, that he could possibly have spent his formative years there.

He is thin, tall, and soft-spoken. Much more at home in the lab than anywhere else.

Micah is the only son in his family, with two older sisters. His parents, both doctors in private practice (on Risa) disapproved of his choice to go into Starfleet.

Still, he graduated Starfleet Academy on time at the age of 22- and posted to the USS Washington. Micah recorded comet activity and other scientific data for four of the past five years.

Finally having his fill of charting small systems and comet trails, Micah left the Washington for fear he might wither away from boredom.

He transferred to the position of consulting scientist at the Federation Embassy on Bajor and has spent the last year researching what it would take to provide Bajor with a weather modification net. Now that the planet is part of the Federation and could receive its backing to implement a system of such complexity.

He had been warning the government since his arrival that the potential for a large natural disaster was hanging over their heads like an axe, and if they did not act soon, they would regret it because the loss of life could be staggering. No one seemed to be heeding his warnings, and like Noah of old, he began to wonder if he was crazy, and predicting a deluge that may never come.

Frustrated that he had been making no headway with the political powers that be, after a year Lt. Samson requested a transfer off planet and had just been sent to join the crew of the Federation flagship- when the Takesian Plains of Bajor were devastated by a series of tornadoes which leveled several villages and took countless lives.

Facing the aftermath of his worst nightmare, Samson returned to the surface of Bajor, and tried to find out exactly how the disaster happened, so he could try again to recommend that all be done that could be done to prevent it from ever happening again. In the end his warning, and recommendation were the same, that Bajor must put a weather modification net into place.

Lt. Samson is an expert in stellar cartography. He also has strong life science skills, having seriously considered becoming a veterinarian before joining Starfleet.

In addition to his science skills and intelect, he's extremely diplomatic, almost to the point of sometimes appearing as if he doesn't have opinions of his own.

He is soft spoken yet has a way with words and can use his unassuming charm to get out of many interpersonal scrapes.