Civilian Profile: Lair Arie

Name: Lair Arie (Daughter of Salvek and Lair Kellyn)

Age: 9 Standard Years

Species: Vulcan/Bajoran

Physical Description:

Height: 4'10

Weight: 75 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Lair Arie was adopted as an eight week old infant by Salvek and Lair in 2380.

She has had a very trying life for one so young, due to her parent's careers in Starfleet. She believes that they are doing what is right, however, and has developed a very strong sense of duty and responsibility.

She is precocious, but not gratingly so, Arie is at heart, a sweet child even though she is wise beyond her years by far.

Psychological Profile:

"Lair Arie has recently concluded a phase in which she insisted on speaking only Klingon, as a response to the fear she developed of the species during outbreaks of violence aboard Deep Space 23, where her parents were previously assigned.

It was determined that this was likely not only her response to her fear of Klingons but also due to an extended separation from her father, to whom she is very close.

She was intent on becoming a Klingon warrior herself, even to the point of insisting that her beloved pet had gone to the Klingon afterlife after its departure, saying "Uck the Duck is now among the Honored Dead at Sto Vo Kor."

After spending much time aboard the Flagship in the year 2387 and making friends with an "Honored Klingon Warrior", the ship's Chief of Security, she overcame her fear of Klingons and returned to a normal behavior patterns." ~Vedek Jariel Camen, Ship's Chaplain

CLASSIFIED INFORMATION: Official Starfleet records indicate that Lair Arie was adopted by Salvek and Lair as an infant- but known only to a few; including Zanh Liis, Vedek Jariel, and as of recently, her own parents, she is actually Salvek and Lair's biological child.

Arie was orphaned immediately after birth in another timeline and Zanh Liis was instructed to save her, and bring her into the current line, where she was to be adopted, and actually raised by her own biological parents.

The role that Lair Arie will play in future history is as yet unknown; but it is vital- otherwise Temporal Investigations would never have sent Zanh on a time jump to make sure that she survived.