Avery Breaux

Name of Officer: Avery Breaux
Rank: (Formerly) Lieutenant Commander
Last Starfleet Assignment: Chief Medical Officer of the USS Serendipity
Age: 50 Standard Years
Species: Terran
Marital Status: Unmarried (involved)
Birthworld: Earth
Homeworld: Earth

Official Starfleet Statement on the status of Avery Breaux:


Dr Avery Breaux disappeared in the line of duty while the Serendipity was answering a distress call for a small transport ship. There is speculation that he has returned to his his Maquis cell. The appearance of the transport ships could have been part of an elaborate plan to secret him aboard one of the departing vessels. The vessel in distress suffered a warp core breach and so nothing of evidentuary value could be secured.

DNA traces show that Breaux was transported off the Sera, but it cannot be confirmed that it was not under duress. Angela Nolan, Breaux's former Intelligence partner and fellow Maquis member disappeared from her undercover assignment one day prior to this transporter event.

Until such time Starfleet Intelligence can establish new information, it is presumed that Breaux is a fugitive and shall be handled accordingly.


Physical Description:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing physical characteristics:(Scars, injuries, etc)

Permanent Starfleet Record:

Things he likes: Jazz and coffee- he is consumed with his medical studies-his pursuit of becoming a doctor is his most important off-duty activity.

Things he hates: Bigotry and bureaucracy.

Official Psychological Profile:

Avery Breaux has demonstrated lucid and pragmatic actions during his tenure in Starfleet. He has served with quiet distinction and shows compassion when dealing with his comrades and those encountered on missions.

His affable manner is genuine and he show no signs of distraction with regard to phobias and the like.

It is my opinion that he is well-suited to a career in Starfleet.

~Commander Lan Marsdin, MD, PhD, Starfleet Command

Official Record of Assignments:

2362: Graduated Starfleet Academy. Impressive marks-has failed the medical exams on two occasions and switched tracks to engineering prior to graduation.

2363: Assigned to serve as Engineer aboard the USS Erasmus

2375: Toward the end of the Dominion War:(current timeline) Received several citations for his work aiding medical officers during intense fighting during the war.

After the War:

2387: Began interviewing for several classified assignments.

2388: Assigned to the USS Serendipity as an engineering officer.

2388: Passed his final exams and earned his M.D.

2388: Promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander and granted the position of Chief Engineer aboard the Serendipity after his heroic actions during the aftermath ofAlchemy's mission to survey the unstable star, Beta-626.

2388: Reassigned to the position of Chief Medical Officer as part of a deal with Starfleet Intelligence and Admiral Vox, after the truth about his Maquis past was discovered. With great trepidation, Avery reluctantly agreed to work for them, in order to avoid court-martial and save his career.

2388: Breaux disappears from his post aboard the Sera- presumably to resume a life with the Maquis.

Comments from Previous Commanding Officers:

Captain Nolan, USS Erasmus: "Avery Breaux has become my trusted confidant and closest advisor-he has eschewed promotions for personal reasons-he clearly would make a fine officer-it is at my request that he seek a classified assignment-he is exactly what Starfleet needs with regards to delicate operations."

Captain Zanh, USS Serendipity: "It saddens me beyond words that the day has come when I must, of necessity, inform Starfleet Command of the fact that on stardate 80629, Lieutenant Commander Avery Breaux abandoned his assignment, his crew, and his Captain. Mr. Breaux is now a fugitive wanted for desertion of duty and crimes against the Federation.

He is believed to have rejoined the Maquis and should be considered extremely dangerous."