Starfleet Profile: Admiral Vox

Name of Officer: Admiral Jonas Vox
Age: 57
Species: Human
Birthworld: Earth
Homeworld: Earth
Starfleet Career History: Classified

Current Assignment: Oversight of The Alchemy Project


Admiral Jonas Vox (not his birth name- even he does not remember his given name due to many instances of memory resequencing) has had a long career with Temporal Investigations- and is Zanh Liis' "Handler"- aka, her superior in her new assignment.

Further Information: ACCESS DENIED

*The Admiral is a support character and will not be on the Serendipity or the Alchemy but is back "at command".

Personal Remarks: "It is my duty to remind Zanh Liis every moment of every day that not only do we know what she did last summer, but we know everything she has done, will do, and better not do- or else. God help me."