Civilian Profile: Fleur Le Marc

Name: Fleur Aurore Le Marc
Age: 30
Species: Human
Birthplace: Paris, France
Homeworld: Earth

Position: Retired (Former Kitchen Manager/Pastry Chef: The Afterthought Café USS Serendipity (Civilian))

Physical Description

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

Fleur hails from Earth.

She was born in a provincial village and grew up in the tiny apartment above her family's bakery. She began working there at her mother's side when she was very small. The family never had any money. Her mother was bitter, and her father was, in the words of her mother, "useless".

Fleur saved all she earned in her teens and went to culinary school after finishing her secondary education. There she built upon all that she had learned working in her mother's kitchen.

Fleur's past history remains a mystery- especially the reasons why she chose to leave Earth in 2383 and took the large sum of money she had come into suddenly (again, how and why is a mystery even to those who have known her for the past several years) to open her own cafe on the plaza of the remote space station Deep Space 23.

While living and working on the station, Fleur met many Starfleet officers. Her regular customers included Salvek and his family,and Dabin Reece. But one man she met there affected her more than anyone else; Vedek Jariel Camen.

Fleur was, from the beginning, very taken with Jariel's manner and his convictions.

She seems to have a weakness for men of the cloth- and insisted that "Monsieur le Vedek shall never pay for his soup in my establishment."

She believed that any man who gave so much of himself in the service of others deserved such a simple meal as the soup he asked for once a day, everyday, for free.

When Jariel still insisted on leaving money to pay for his food, she would donate every slip of it to the fund for Bajoran War Orphans.

She was very profoundly changed by discussions of life, philosophy, and faith that she had with the Vedek over the year that she knew him on DS23.

In the middle of one such discussion, Jariel collapsed before Fleur's eyes without warning; suffering the effects of Pagh'tem'farr.

Once he left the station to receive treatment on Bajor, she decided to finally heed the warnings that the Federation had been issuing for months, indicating that it was no longer safe for civilians to stay aboard the station. She sold the cafe at a loss and returned to Earth.

She spent the next year traveling, or more accurately, wandering aimlessly around the planet of her birth. She saw all Seven Wonders, but still couldn't find anything to feel inspired by. Not until she finally began the search to discover what had become of the quiet, handsome Vedek, Jariel.

After locating him at his new assignment, she managed to call in a favor from an old family friend, Trick London, and was posted to the flagship as a chef.

This made her happy, because Jariel was there, but unhappy because his girlfriend (whom Fleur disdainfully calls "la Capitaine") was acting CO of the ship at the time.

When Zanh Liis went missing and Jariel decided to go along on the rescue, Fleur stowed away aboard the USS Alchemy, determined not to lose track of him again.

She got caught shortly after the ship left, but it was too late. They couldn't do anything with her until the operation was over.

Upon returning to Earth for debriefing, every single member of the Alchemy's crew spoke up on Fleur's behalf; and Admiral Vox allowed her to remain in civilian service to Starfleet, with the warning that if she ever had another 'lapse in judgment' that her career would be over.

Also at the request of the whole of Alchemy's crew, Vox allowed Fleur to be assigned to the Serendipity.

She was replaced as head chef of the ship's dining services overall by Angus MacDougal, close friend and former business partner of Trick London- and thorn in Fleur's side.

She is content however to remain on the ship in any capacity as she works out how to follow the path that the Prophets have laid out for her. . .after they visited her and told her that if she did as they asked, they would reward her with the one and only thing she truly desires; the heart and love of Jariel Camen.

Alternate Timeline

Fleur has, as yet, no knowledge of the fact that she actually achieved her hearts desire and was married to Jariel in an alternate version of the year 2379.

Their marriage in that reality would, sadly, not be as happy as she had imagined.

Since her union with Jariel was in defiance of history, it would be erased when the timeline was corrected by Temporal Investigations agent Keiran O'Sullivan.

In the current place and time she is disillusioned, confused as to why the Prophets have not followed through on their promises.

After a confrontation with Jariel during which he said he could not return her affection in the way that she wished, Fleur realized that she couldn't simply waste her life wishing for what may never be.

She departed the USS Serendipity soon after to embark on a journey of service and self-discovery.

To that end she has traveled to Bajor, determined to put all of her energy into helping others, specifically as part of rebuilding efforts in the devastated Takesian Plains.

She ends each day hoping that if she just keeps moving and making herself useful, she may at last stumble upon the path she is intended to walk for the rest of her life.