Starfleet Profile: Commander Dabin Reece

Name: Dabin Tristran Linas Reece
Rank: Commander
Age: 35
Marital Status: Married, to Lt. February Grace, Stardate 70811.
Species: Joined Trill
Birthworld: Trill
Homeworld: Undecided
Current Position: Retired (Former Chief of Sciences, USS Serendipity)

Physical Characteristics
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Light Brown

Dabin was born and raised on the Trill homeworld. He entered Starfleet Academy at the age of nineteen and graduated with honors, on time, four years later.

Dabin was very quiet and a shy person before being Joined, (just before his twenty-first birthday) but once he was, he became quite a rebel.

He had a hard time accepting the authority of superior officers while first adjusting to having all of Reece's memories, but has since settled down quite a bit.

Dabin served aboard the USS Monitor while he climbed the ranks, until finally he was promoted to Lt. Commander and transferred to Deep Space 23 as their Chief of Sciences: (DS23 being the space station in the Klingon Outback that Starfleet ran during the Dominion War.)

Reece gladly accepted the transfer, saying that Captain Campbell of the Monitor was, in his opinion, "A no good, half witted, obnoxious busy body whose talents would be better served scraping up elephant dung during parades."

Starfleet recommended that Dabin Reece undergo counseling to deal with his impulsive nature and to impress upon him the need to respect the chain of command.

Reece buckled under- at least professionally- while serving under Commander Sacul, a Vulcan who expected strict adherence to orders, but still managed to allow Reece to run the science department in his own inimitable way; without feeling that he really had to force himself to fit into the structure of the senior staff.

Sacul was pleased enough with Reece's talents and job performance to keep him science chief on the station for nearly seven years; until Reece decided that he needed a change and took temporary leave. Reece planned on returning after his leave was up, but fate would have other ideas in mind for his future instead. He never would return to service aboard the station.

Dabin is the eighth host of the Reece Symbiont. Three previous hosts were male; four, female. Unlike most joined Trill, Dabin really dislikes talking about past hosts and their lives.

This is mostly due to the fact he feels that he is still "more Dabin than Reece" and that this is his only shot at life; he wants to get everything out of every moment that he can, personally.

He was also more than a little freaked out by a few of the past Hosts when he met them during his Zhian'tara (which took place the year after he was joined, back on Trill).

Reece's entire host history has not been revealed up until this point. Information that is known about former Reece hosts is as follows:

First Host (?)

Second Host (?)

Third Host: Leacynth: (female) A mathematics teacher- who married, had children, and lived to be quite old.

Fourth Host: Aramos (male) Born into money, Aramos was a playboy who never did an honest day's work in his life and only got into the Initiate Program because his parents bought his way into it.

Fifth Host: Ladron (male) A motivational speaker who was so successful that he almost achieved the 'cult leader' status at home on Trill. (That one really freaked Dabin right out when he 'met' him.)

Sixth Host: Rilan: (male) Starfleet officer; a doctor, and a gentleman. (Definitely one of Dabin's favorites among the previous hosts.)

Seventh Host: Tulila (female) - Tuli was a writer- a studious journalism major writing an article for her University newspaper senior year when she was assigned to conduct an interview with famous rock band - W4 - specifically with their lead singer/guitarist, Deveral Grace.

This would begin a cascade of events that culminated in this (previously) straight A student, "good girl" and perfect daughter dropping out of college just before her last semester to follow Deveral Grace around on tour for three months. Until, he finally cast her aside and broke her heart- something from which she never quite recovered.

She was left with a few photographs, the stamps in her passport, and one other keepsake.

Months after Deveral stopped returning her calls, Tulila gave birth to their son. She named the baby Jazen Deveral Reece and never told Deveral that he existed.

Tuli returned to school, finished her degree and raised Jazen alone by working as a proof-reader- never really fulfilling her dreams of writing the Great Trill Novel.

After Jazen was grown and gone, Tuli finally tried romance again and finally married but never had other children. She also never found closure over Grace- or another love close to the one she had felt for him.

Tulila did not live to be very old, but she loved Deveral Grace until the day that she died.

Eighth Host: Dabin was joined to Reece in 2373.

Personal Life:

Family: Dabin's parents are alive and well back on Trill- though they have not met their new daughter-in-law yet.

Dabin has not contacted them in awhile and is "picking his moment" to break the news to them about the circumstances of his meeting February, and marrying her so quickly. He does not worry too much about telling them he and Grace Reassociated; as his parents told him growing up that all they really wanted was for him to find happiness, and they are not extremely traditional when it comes to their outlook on life. He believes as long as he is happy, they will be happy.

Things he likes: Dabin will eat oceans of seafood in one sitting given the chance. Lobster, shrimp, clam chowder- all his favorite foods. He doesn't drink alcohol (it's bad for the Symbiont) and loves music and art, though until recently he couldn't carry a tune with a handle attached to it.

He has always been a very gifted artist, and favors drawing with charcoal.

He gained a talent for words from Tulila, though given his unique grammatical choices in most situations, you would never believe that the previous Host had been obsessed with proper use of the language.

Things he hates: Bugs. Any kind, flying, crawling, they just gross him out.

He hates pretense or self-righteousness in people.

After all the years of trying to please someone who could never be pleased, Reece hates feeling he has to censor himself and restrain his true nature, which is to be silly, playful, and make people laugh.

He's a hopeless romantic, and this makes him most drawn to women who seem lost somehow- or who are a lost cause.

Case in point #1: Dabin Reece was involved with DS23's Chief of Psychiatric Services (some called it a particularly appropriate pairing) Jaine Hood, for years. He was first assigned to share living quarters with her due to a shortage of usable space on the station. Hood not only protested, she threw a livid fit over it- and thus began the vicious cycle of Dabin chasing her and her running away- though allowing herself to be 'caught' intermittently, for the next near-decade. Hood and Reece were engaged, unengaged, and re-engaged at several points in their tumultuous relationship.

Finally in 2387 Dabin hit the end of his patience; he wanted Jaine in the relationship all the way, or he wanted out. They agreed to take shore leave together and try to work things out and see if there was anything there to save. Fiercely loyal, Dabin wouldn't give up on the relationship without a long, hard fight.

That was when Reece's leave was promptly interrupted before it even began and he was sent to the flagship to perform an evaluation on the officer they wanted to promote to science Chief.

Due to one problem after another cropping up once he got there, Reece was delayed, waylaid, and otherwise prevented from leaving for a lot longer than anticipated. Finally, after helping put out several fires so to speak aboard ship and getting reacquainted with old friends (and in some cases, crew mates) Lair, Salvek and Zanh, Reece was about to get back on the road and on his way to vacation when lightning struck Reece for the second time in its long life.

Dabin met the new Grace Host: February.

Reece's immediate, over-wrought reaction overtook Dabin's good-natured temperament momentarily, and he let the girl have it for the sins of her past Host. Quickly though, after seeing her reaction to all he had to say - including the fact that their previous hosts had a child together that Grace never knew about- he realized that she could no more be held responsible for Deveral's indiscretions as he could for Ararmos' (and with Aramos, there were plenty)..

Case in point #2: He was knocked senseless by Bru, finding her to be sweet, shy, and seriously in need of rescuing. Unable to resist the damsel in distress scenario, (no more could he resist that than a kitten found abandoned on the side of the road) he couldn't stop himself from getting involved in her situation. He stepped in, and stepped up with the knowledge from previous host and physician Rilan Reece, and was instrumental in getting February the help she needed, essentially saving her life (with the help of her shipmates and his soon to be ex-fiancée, Jaine Hood).

He was also instrumental in February's rescue from the Symbiosis Commission hospital when they decided they didn't want her to leave, and as the ranking Trill officer on the mission, Reece was the one who suffered the consequences when the government of Trill wanted someone to punish for the whole mess. He was demoted from full Commander back to Lieutenant overnight- and told he should be grateful that his career didn't end entirely.

Zanh Liis tried her best to intervene, even speaking to people at the top levels of Command on his behalf, but she could not get Reece's rank restored. By the time he found out about the demotion, it mattered to him not at all. He had other, more important things on his mind.

A Fine Romance. . . and Reassociation:

Somewhere between breaking February out of the hospital and the end of her Zhian'tara ritual (which he insisted that he be a part of) Dabin began to develop feelings for February without knowing it.

He asked if he could embody Deveral during the ritual, to bring Reece the closure that Tuli had never felt during her life, and also because he carried Tuli's memories of Deveral and thought he could help restore some of Grace's memories, which were missing due to the trauma she'd been through. He never expected that decision to change the course of the rest of his own life.

A telepathic event took place during the ritual, in which Dabin's personality and Deveral's both asserted themselves at the same time and seriously overlapped for several minutes. At one point Dabin was actually arguing with himself as if he were two different and separate individuals.

Once Deveral's memories were taken back from him, he found (to his complete astonishment) that Grace's musical talent was also now his- and that his feelings for February weren't related to the past that Reece and Grace had shared as other people, at all. These emotions were definitely new, and entirely about two people and two people alone: Dabin and February.

He didn't understand the depth of those feelings until he went to say goodbye to her, and February suddenly looked at him differently, too, and very nearly kissed him. She restrained herself, thinking that he and Hood were still involved, not knowing that Hood had already left on her own and her relationship with Dabin was really long since over.

Dabin restrained himself because he knew what Reassociation would mean for them both and wanted to prevent her losing anything that he couldn't give back to her.

Can't Get It Out of My Head:

Dabin found in the end, though, that he couldn't bring himself to leave February behind, regardless of the price he had to pay to be with her...

He began hearing her voice in his head and thought he was losing his mind- it turned out that the two were somehow telepathically bonded during the Zhian'tara.

While there is nothing on record about telepathy in Joined Trill, (unjoined Guardians can communicate telepathically with the Symbionts, this is how they do their job) the Guardian who conducted the ritual explained to Reece that this is one reason why Joined Trill do not usually take part in each other's Zhian'taras.

He also remarked that there would had to have already been a strong emotional connection and/or attraction between the hosts for the telepathic link to take hold.

This ability is so new that the couple is still adjusting to it. With no information to go on from the Symbiosis Commission or otherwise, the scientist in Dabin is intent on recording, evaluating, and documenting the way that the link works, for however long it lasts (no one knows if it will be permanent.)

He wants to document their experiences for future generations, and also so that he can figure out for sure 1. exactly how it happened and 2. determine if this may not be the very reason that the Trill as a people do not want Joined Trill to Reassociate. The link is so emotionally engaging that if other Trill knew how to achieve it, Dabin is certain that "everyone would want it."

With their feelings and link being so strong, Dabin was struggling to fight the way he felt. But when February insisted she didn't care about the consequences of their actions, he stopped fighting, and they have been together ever since. Dabin asked for and was granted reassignment so he could stay with her.

On the first mission following the beginning of their relationship they crashed on a barely habitable planet- and not knowing if they were going to survive, February took the speed of their romance to warp when she spontaneously proposed.

Dabin had sworn that the would never propose to a woman again after his disastrous relationship with Hood- but when Bru proposed to him, his doubts about getting married flew out the window and he said yes immediately. He had no desire for a long engagement though, as he had tried that in the past and never made it to the altar. He suggested they get married as soon as possible, and that is what they did, the following morning at sunrise in a brief ceremony performed by Salvek, who was commanding the mission.

Reece and Grace left the flagship with the team assigned to the USS Alchemy in late 2387 to go after kidnapped Starfleet Captain Zanh Liis.

Old Friends:

Captain Zanh and Reece have a lengthy past with each other (She in fact, met Rilan once during her time-travels, but Reece doesn't remember it.) They have very warm and close, if spirited working and personal relationship. Though she would insist otherwise, Zanh adores him, and he knows and exploits that every chance he gets.

Dabin has been described in the past as a 'brat' for his sassyness but he really is very warm and kind- it's just sometimes he has a tendency to ramble on and "nip at my heels and yap like a nervous puppy" according to Zanh; especially when he's excited or anxious.

He has the habit of giving everyone nicknames- usually to the annoyance of those who work with him. When they balk at his sense of humor, he usually responds by telling them to "Relax."

He has known Salvek and Kellyn since they were newly married- and is like an uncle to their child, Arie, who worships the ground he walks on. She used to call him "raffe" when she was a toddler (in reference to his giraffe-like spots) and the two of them have had what Kellyn calls a 'wonderful peer relationship' ever since.

Dabin was promoted back to the rank of Lt. Commander by Zanh Liis when he agreed to become her Chief of Sciences- and she promised him that he would be back to his full Commander rank as soon as she could push it through. "They told me I had to demote you," Zanh explained, "They didn't say I couldn't promote you again."

"Play Tongo, Trill!"

Dabin Reece entered The Great Ferenginar Tongo Tournament in order to try to obtain information about the missing Captain Zanh.

Quotes from Former/Current CO's and colleagues:

"Thank God he's leaving. I really thought one day I was going to lose it completely and snap him in half like a twig." ~Captain Campbell, USS Monitor

"Commander Reece is an excellent scientist and capable officer. If only he would deign to call me by my proper name, I could rate his service here as exemplary instead of merely satisfactory." ~Captain Sacul, Deep Space 23

"He's like a clairvoyant version of Albert Einstein. If Dabin can't find something, then it's just not out there." Commander Lair Kellyn, Chief Engineer USS Alchemy (speaking of Reece's gift for using technology along with his instincts in his work as a scientist.)

"Dabin Reece is a complete smartass. He is also one of the most brilliant, gifted and charming men I've ever met. If you try to quote me on that, however, I will deny I ever said it." ~Captain Zanh Liis, CO USS Serendipity