Starfleet Profile: Commander TC Blane

Full Name of Officer: Thomas Cassius Blane
Age: 35
Marital Status: Unmarried
Position: Chief of Operations/Second Officer USS SerendipityBirth World: Earth
Home World: Earth

Physical Description:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 179lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Thomas Cassius Blane was born in what would be known as the heartland of the former United States, specifically Nebraska, in a small farming town called Dunkirk. His father was a lawyer and his mother a teacher. He lead a normal and uneventful childhood.

While in High School he developed a liking to world history and his parents often found him lounging underneath one of the large oak trees that adorned their yard submerged in a book about the past. He developed a keen liking to military history above all others. He found the trends and repeats of history to be fascinating.

He also developed and unyielding sense of adventure during this time. He often went out on hiking and camping trips alone much to his mother's chagrin. He was enamored by the organized structure of military life and quickly incorporated it into his life.

He knew that Starfleet would off him the best opportunity for adventure and the organized structure of life that he craved so at the age of 16 he began to prepare to apply to the academy.

He was accepted and he took to the regimented lifestyle like a duck to water. It was here that he got his first taste of alien cultures and dove headlong into the history of other worlds. He also liked the physical and mental challenges of the combat and security classes finishing in the top five.

His first assignment was with the special operations arm of Starfleet command. He was part of several operations that are deemed classified and can not be discussed here. It was during this time that he earned the rank of Lieutenant. (JG). He served the maximum of 6 years in the unit then transferred to the USS Endeavor where he specialized in diplomatic security.

He served 4 years aboard the Endeavor, until he was transferred to the USS Independence to bolster the security staff. While serving there he was moved into the position of Chief of Operations and promoted twice: first to Lieutenant (SG) and then to Lt. Commander in 2387.

TC's talents are a wide range, stemming from his experiences in Starfleet.

Graduated from the Academy; specialized in tactical operations and secondary degrees in world history. He is particularly fond of military history. After graduation he found himself assigned to specialized actions group where he picked up skills in counter evasion, psych ops, intelligence gathering, and long term survival. His newest skill sets include Shipboard security processes, prisoner interrogation, diplomatic security, alien physiology, and criminal interpretation.

Eventually, he wants to have a starship command of his own.

Things he likes: TC Celebrates most traditional earth holidays. He cooks himself a four course meal annually on his birthday.

He likes upfront no nonsense people. Clear and concise directions or orders. Good wine and good food. Personal privacy and space. Reading History. Small scale modeling

Things he dislikes: People who are mean to children or animals. Disorganization. Lateness (If you are not 10 minutes early you are late)

He does not follow a deity but believes in self empowerment.

Career Challenges: TC dislikes public speaking (Soft Skills) and diplomatic relations.

Career Strengths: Tenacious on several layers. Will ride out an assignment till it's completion. Is a store house of historical facts and information.

Eccentricities: He listens so intently it seems that he is staring.

Specialized training and experience: Performed several operations either within disputed territory or hostile zones, several are still deemed classified. Was a member of the special operations team that rescued the Starfleet personnel from Cardassian mercenaries that were holding them for ransom. During his assignment on the USS Endeavor his was in charge of diplomatic security.

Comments from Former/Current CO's:
Capt. Louis Casto - USS Endeavor

"T.C. is a fine example of combining bulldog tradition with current Starfleet training. Tough, single minded, and dedicated as anyone I've met, and a good cook as well. I hated to lose him."

Lt. Commander Tyra Do'Chal (Special Operation Detachment CO)

"T.C. I what anyone in my business would want as a team mate. He leaves nothing untied. A good man, a good friend. He will make a fine commanding officer one day. Now if we can just teach him to dance."

Captain Zanh Liis: (Current Position Classified)

"Mr. Blane has it all. He's sharp, talented, loyal, and above all a man of great conscience and honor. Any CO should be so lucky as to have him as part of their senior staff."

Songs that define TC Blane
(chosen by the writer)

"It's My Life" ~Bon Jovi
"One Vision" ~Queen

This writer has earned a 2008 Star Trek: Alchemy
"Above and Beyond" Award
Special Achievement in Art and Design
(for the USS Serendipity schematics)