Doctor McKay

Name: The Doctor/Dalton McKay
Rank/Position: Acting CMO, USS Serendipity/Alchemy
Age: N/A
Species: Mark VII LMH/EMH Hybrid Photonic
Gender: Male

Physical Description:
Height: 6'4"
Weight: N/A
Hair: Gray, very little
Eyes: Blue


The Medical Hologram assigned to both the USS Serendipity and the USS Alchemy was programmed and initiated by Lt. Commander Lair Kellyn in the year 2387.

His expertise is derived from the cataloged experiences of more than 60 individual surgeons and he possesses the necessary skills and knowledge database to treat thousands of injuries and illnesses among almost as many species.

This latest design of Starfleet holographic medical technology marries the long-term stability of the LMH (Long-term Medical Holographic Program) design with the shorter term lifespan but greater memory capabilites of the Mark VI EMH (Emergency Medical Holographic Program).

The Doctor, who has been quite content to go by that title alone in the months since his activation, has only recently also selected a personal name for himself. He did so in early 2388; at the request of Captain Zanh Liis, who insisted she could "No more simply call him 'the doctor' than she would want him to simply call her 'the female'."

The name he has chosen: Dalton McKay.

He is still trying to get used to it.

He selected the combination based on surnames found in the maternal family line of the surgeon responsible for the overriding portion of his personality subroutines.

Being a true Texan, the original, well-known and well-regarded Human doctor who was the inspiration for this particular incarnation of the MH also left his photonic representation with a very strong, very charming twang. The Doctor is known to use colorful metaphors often in the course of regular conversation; ie: "You're just as dumb as a rock!"

Lt. Commander Lair reviewed all available personality subroutines and then decided in the end to integrate this one into their MH because, quote, "He wasn't likely to take any crap from anyone, me included."

The doctor says what he means, means what he says.

Time will tell just where this medical hologram will end up, but in the meantime, the crew of the Sera is in good hands with him.

Notes on his technology:

This photonic doctor has a mobile emitter, which allows him to move about almost as freely as any organic member of the crew can. It is mostly used for the purpose of Away Missions.

The emitter is differently configured and much more limited than the one that was originally brought into this timeline from the twenty-ninth century.

Its origins are classified.

All involved in the decision to allow him to have it (due to the importance of The Alchemy Project )have told Zanh and her crew that they should "Thank their lucky stars, and not ask questions."

Zanh is convinced that Admiral Vox and Temporal Investigations have had a heavy hand in the matter.

Taking the emitter and analyzing it thoroughly, Commander Salvek was easily able to make further refinements and improvements to the stability and power of the device.

Unique abilities: Two ships, One EMH- and yet. . .

Thanks to new technology which allowed for the creation of the unique, shared computer information Gateway that links the Sera and the Alchemy, the Doctor can, for short periods of time during a crisis, literally seem to be in two places at once.

His program can be split between the two ships as long as they are in close proximity; the effect made possible by an advanced series of omnidirectional holographic diodes and magnetic field generators.

The Doctor is confined to Sickbay when divided this way, however, because his matrix must be reinforced in each location by the more powerful and intensely focused holo-emitter systems built into each individual Sickbay.

Afterward, he can be reintegrated through the Gateway, which compiles all the information from both locations back into his normal, singular operating system.

This splitting up of his system resources is very risky, however, and is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Further testing is needed to determine the exact length of time that the Doctor can remain in two locations without permanent memory degregation ocurring.

Omnidirectional Holographic Diodes, oh my!

OHDs and magnetic field generators have been integrated into almost all areas of the Serendipity and the Alchemy, allowing the Doctor to move freely around the ship almost as easily as anyone else This is made possible, again, through use of the cutting edge technology provided by the information Gateway.

Safeguards and specially configured security protocols are in place to distinguish the MH's program from any other hologram that may be running aboard ship (such as characters on a holodeck) so that only he can use this series of OHDs.

The Emergency Nursing Hologram, another Photonic aboard ship, is not yet able to access these systems and therefore does not have the mobility that the doctor has. This is under review, and the Doctor has lobbied to have the same enhancements installed into his counterpart, so that she may have the same rights as he does.

The Doctor is still deciding on his likes and dislikes, mostly through experimentation. . .