Lair Kellyn

Name of Officer: Lair Kellyn
Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: Director of Engineering Research and Development
for The Alchemy Project
Age: 34 Standard Years
Species: Bajoran
Marital Status: Married (to Salvek of Vulcan, Stardate (9)7811.) One child living: Lair Arie
Birthworld: Bajor
Homeworld: Undecided

Physical Description:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing physical characteristics: (Scars, injuries, etc) After being electrocuted by an overload in the transwarp control matrix on the USS Alchemy in early 2388, Kellyn had to undergo a 'code white' resuscitation which included receiving lifesaving manual CPR from engineering crew mate, Avery Breaux.

She had to undergo reconstructive dermal regeneration on her hands, face, neck, and chest to treat burns received in the incident. Therefore she has no existing scars in those areas from past injuries any longer- and with her skin renewed by the procedures, now looks about ten years younger than she is as well.

Kellyn has weak lungs from damage suffered in a bombing on Bajor when she was fifteen. This usually does not interfere with her ability to perform her duties but she must take maintenance medication to keep them functioning properly and feels the damage most if she has to run for any extended period.

Kellyn was diagnosed with Kjeph's Disease, a debilitating neurological ailment, in 2382 and suffered with it for some time until later pronounced cured after experimental treatment. She must still be monitored for signs the disease may be returning, with follow up-exams at least once every six months.

Permanent Starfleet Record:

Lair is naturally mechanically inclined; she can hot-wire or jury-rig just about anything.

She can 'see' design schematics in her head in multiple dimensions. She is not afraid to get into a Jeffries tube and get dirty to get the job done.

Though Kellyn wears the traditional Bajoran earring as a symbol of her heritage, she has had a very turbulent relationship with the Prophets her people believe to be gods.

Her childhood and the trauma of the life she led on Bajor have left her with very little gratitude toward the Divine. She wonders what her people ever did to the Prophets to deserve the treatment they've gotten. Her doubts remain, even though she tries to have faith in some kind of higher power.

She has been married to Salvek of Vulcan for almost eleven years. They were married on Stardate (9)70811 aboard the Independence.

She is mother to one adopted daughter* called Lair Arie, and one miscarried daughter, whom Salvek named Kahs'Khiori, which means "shooting star" in the Vulcan language. Complications from the miscarriage would rob Kellyn of the ability to have any more biological children (at least in this timeline).

When she was younger all she wanted was to learn everything she could, get away from Bajor and serve someday as the Chief Engineer on a starship.

She is now content to serve in any position along side her husband as a researcher and engineer, to the best of her ability to help the fleet rebuild after the heavy losses of the Dominion War.

Kellyn believes in loyalty to friends and family above all else (this has gotten her into big trouble in the past) That what is just and what is "right" are often two different things entirely.

Notes from her Official Psychological Profile:

"After spending most of her life keeping people at a great distance emotionally, Kellyn has become very bonded to Salvek, Arie, and a few close friends.

She is willing to charge headlong into whatever danger may exist to protect and help them, without regard for the consequences to her health or sanity."

Kellyn's career strengths lie in her desire to carry out orders to the absolute best of her ability. Even though her heart has led her head in the past, she is very reliable and dedicated to her work and crew.

Her determined and stubborn refusal to accept anything or anyone as a lost cause is another strength.

She has the ability to think quickly on her feet; she once used part of her earring to help diffuse a bomb aboard ship. Improvisational skills: she will use whatever unusual tools and items are on hand to solve problems.

Kellyn has a fondness bordering on obsession for an Earth beverage called Grape Soda. She also on rare occasions drinks beer (Pilsner, from the bottle).

Loves any meal that combines the ingredients of sugar and caffeine. Uses humor to her advantage in every possible situation, often to the dismay of her Vulcan husband.

Kellyn has no contact with her parents, resolving to sever their relationship entirely after crossing paths with them on Bajor seven years ago and learning they were responsible for the kidnapping of the infant she and Salvek were trying to adopt..

Things she likes: Her family, her work, and music, in that order.

Kellyn has a natural talent for singing and spends her few free moments on the holodeck working with masters of centuries past on her range (Lyric Soprano) and re-enacting musical stage shows, especially fond of doing so with holographic recreations of 20th century Earth vocal stars Colm Wilkinson and Josh Groban.

Reading poetry and literature. She was always very interested in Vulcan philosophies and logic since her own people have seemed to illogical to her at many times. She found the thought of learning to control her emotions appealing and that was a major factor in her attraction to Salvek at the beginning.

She has tried over the years to maintain her balance through the techniques he has taught her, but in the end her sensitive, emotional and passionate nature usually win out.

Things she hates: People who hold her family history against her. She used to hate staying in one place too long but after being on the move almost constantly for the last near-decade she is ready to hold still for awhile on one assignment. Kellyn used to be extremely nervous around groups of people especially in social situations but over the years has come to appreciate the value of a good party every now and then with friends and crew mates.

Official Record /Assignments:

2353: Lair Kellyn born on Bajor to Lair Galen (father) and Lair Rinna (mother), infamous members of the Bajoran Resistance

2368: Suffers critical lung damage in a bombing on Bajor; younger sister Lair Andra perishes at the age of seven in the attack, which was conducted by members of their family's own resistance cell. Kellyn would blame herself for taking her sister to the cafe where it happened, though she had no advance knowledge of the plan. Decides she definitely wants a career in Starfleet because of these events.

2369: Gains early admittance to Starfleet Academy at the age of sixteen after scoring off the charts on her preliminary entrance exams. Is grateful for the opportunity to leave Bajor and escape her family legacy of violence and try to make a name in her own right.

2373: Graduates with honors from the Academy and enters a two year post-graduate program in Advanced Warp Theory, Core Maintenance, and Design

2375: Takes her first official assignment at the age of 22, joining the crew of USS Independence as an engineering officer with the rank of Lieutenant (jg). Is promoted to Lt. Commander within months.

2376: Demoted back to Lieutenant (jg) after disobeying orders and boarding the USS Odyssey during a conflict with the Borg in order to rescue Salvek.

2376: Marries Salvek of Vulcan; Ceremony performed by Captain Jordan Morris Promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander shortly thereafter.

2377: Promoted to rank of Commander and assigned to the post of Chief Engineer of the Independence.

2377: Died in the performance of her duty when the Jem'Hadar open an experimental quantum filament next to the Independence, during the Dominion War.

2378: Temporal Investigation Agent working undercover Zanh Liis arrives on the Independence and tells Salvek and Morris that the timeline has been corrupted; Lair was not supposed to die and the Mudor filament field must be destroyed.

The crew undertook a successful mission to destroy the field and restore the timeline, and when they completed their objective, Lair immediately reappeared aboard the Independence, restored to her proper place in time with no knowledge of how long she had been gone or memory of what had happened to her.

2379:Lair and Salvek departed the Independence to work for Starfleet in secret on transwarp technology research. They continue this work in several locations, lastly on the Deep Space station in the Klingon outback.

2382: Took a medical leave after being diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disease. Her faltering health was later corrected and her illness cured by an experimental glial cell transplant performed by Starfleet neurosurgeon, Dr. Jaine Hood.

2383: Returned to active duty, working on transwarp research along side Salvek full-time.

2386 Salvek is recalled to Utopia Planetia to implement his designs for upgrades to the engines of the USS Independence and is then reassigned as the ship's Chief Engineering Officer. Lair suggests that she would willingly accept a voluntary demotion in rank in order to take a position in the Engineering department so that she can rejoin the crew, and Starfleet approves. Serves for a time as Chief Engineer after Salvek becomes Acting XO out of necessity.

2387: (Year's end) Departed aboard the USS Alchemy- the ship carrying a prototype version of the engine that she and Salvek designed in secret for Starfleet years ago; as Alchemy's crew seeks to find the abducted Zanh Liis.

2388: Chief Engineer, USS Serendipity NCC-2012: As part of the Alchemy Project

2388: Returned to full Commander rank and moved into the position of Director of Engineering Research and Development for The Alchemy Project

*While official records declare that Lair Arie is not the biological child of Salvek and Lair Kellyn, this is, in fact, an intentional error.

They must keep the secret that she was, in fact, born to them in another timeline in which both parents died- and she was brought into this timeline by Zanh Liis and 'adopted' by Salvek and Lair, who were told that she was the daughter of slain Starfleet officers (which was, in fact, not exactly an untruth.)

They have only recently stumbled upon the truth of the matter, and now must protect the information, and thereby Arie, as Zanh has told them that Arie, like her father, has an important part to play in the history of the Federation as it heads toward the twenty-fifth century.