Starfleet Profile: Salvek of Vulcan

Name: Salvek
Rank: RetiredFormer Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS SerendipityNCC-2012
Age: 75 Standard Years
Species: Vulcan
Birth World: Vulcan
Marital Status: Married: To Lair Kellyn on Stardate (9)70811.
One child living, a daughter, Lair Arie.

Physical Description:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing physical characteristics:(Scars, injuries, etc) None.


Childhood: Salvek's parents, Trans-warp pioneers Sakkath and T'Shanik were murdered by the Romulans when he was barely five years of age. Their small ship was shot down, and they died in the crash.

Salvek and his older brother, Sacul, both survived. Salvek was told that the crash was an accident, and it was only years later in adulthood that he realized the truth.

The boys were separated by the Romulans and Taris, (the Subcommander entrusted with eliminating Sakkath and his family) saw the boys as no threat and allowed Salvek and Sacul to live. She had no idea that years later, Salvek would continue his parent's work, and become the exact threat that the Tal Shiar had wanted to preempt.

The decision to let Salvek live would haunt her, ruining her career and her life. She would later vow to hunt him down, even if it took the rest of her life to eliminate him.

Salvek was not reunited with his brother by the Vulcans after he returned home.

Knowing that he had been severely traumatized by the death of his parents, certain officials in the Vulcan government made a decision to take the boy in hand and use him in medical and scientific experiments, the memories of which would be severely altered or blocked entirely- believing that the potential sacrifice of the mental well being of this "one" was worth it for the good of the "many".

These experiments involved various attempts and treatments to manipulate and control Salvek's mental and physical reactions in adulthood to the blood fever; and they hoped that they could take what they learned from the experiments and develop a way to successfully suppress (or better still, eliminate entirely) this last dangerous and undesirable vestige of their primitive emotions-- in all Vulcans.

For his part, Salvek went on about his business and lived his life with no knowledge this was going on, until recently.

During the Pon farr that occurred in the summer of 2387, Salvek became severely ill and suffered an emotional collapse. With no other hope left, he immersed himself entirely in a deeply intense and extensive mind meld with his wife.

With Kellyn's help, he uncovered his true memories- of being subjected to those experiments - and realized that the woman he believed to have been his first wife, (T'Elani) was in fact another orphan who had also been manipulated by the Vulcan Science Ministry and medical community.

The Vulcans had attempted to telepathically bond T'Elani and Salvek, and then suppress Pon farr in them to see how their minds and bodies would react.
This suppression worked for years, and every seven years when T'Elani and Salvek would return to Vulcan for what they believed was a necessary reunion, they would be taken back to the labs, and memories would be implanted that suggested they had bonded once again. They were also both told that T'Elani could not produce children, to explain the lack of a growing family after their reunions.

These events never actually took place; as their physical need to quench the fever was biochemically controlled during those years. The falsely implanted memories provided a cover for the experiments, and also kept them continually and effectively hidden from the test subjects themselves.

When the Vulcans finally realized that their treatments were wearing off and options were running out, they told Salvek that T'Elani and died, and allowed nature to 'take its course'. It was years later upon what he believed to be just his 'next' Pon farr experience, that Salvek took Kellyn as his wife- without knowing that he had, in fact, never actually been married before.

In Adulthood: Observations by Counselor Hood of DS23:

"Due to the trauma of his parent's death, Salvek has never been able to fully eradicate his emotions, even after studying with the best of the Vulcan masters in his youth.

As he grew, Salvek attained a level of control and logic sufficient that he was no longer noticibly different from others of his species, especially not to off-worlders.

Under all but the most extreme, emotionally trying circumstances, you will find Commander Salvek to be every bit as in control of his emotions as any normal, well-practiced Vulcan.

However, when it comes to his wife and daughter, Salvek is still painfully at the mercy of his emotions; unable to fully control and contain them despite his continued practice. Those emotions seem to always lurk just beneath his carefully contrived air of calm and perfectly disciplined logic, wherever Kellyn and Arie are concerned. In fact the very name Salvek chose for their daughter is telling, as "Arie" is the Vulcan word meaning "emotion".

Salvek noticed this connection with Kellyn upon their very first meeting, and he has described that experience as "shan hal lak", which translates from Vulcan as "the engulfment".

The human phrase for this phenomenon is 'love at first sight'.

In fact, he was so taken with Kellyn that he immediately identified her as his desired mate (if she were willing) when Pon farr occurred just months after she arrived aboard the ship they served on, and worked on, together.

I always found it interesting, dare I say fascinating, that Salvek selected her even though there were several much more suitable Vulcan women aboard, whom he had been both professionally and politely acquainted with for years.

Lair Kellyn's feelings for Salvek were just as strong, however. Between the time of their betrothal and their wedding, Salvek was assimilated by the Borg during an attack on the USS Odyssey and Kellyn was willing to sacrifice her career, even her life in the attempt to save his.
She did succeed in retrieving him, and when asked how she felt about the subsequent discipline and demotion she received afterward, she replied it was "No matter at all".
Salvek would marvel over her actions and her dedication to him still, years later; even after he had recovered from the experience. He vowed that there was nothing within his power that he would not do for her, as well.

Salvek would suffer greatly for his decision to allow this deep-seated emotional attachment to grow over time: Lair Kellyn was killed in an explosion aboard ship less than two years after their marriage.

He would live a long and lonely while as a widower; until Zanh Liis and the crew were able to reverse the error in the timeline, and Lair Kellyn was restored to her proper place in time, and in his life. He would suffer again when Kellyn miscarried their first child, a daughter whom he named "Kahs'Khiori" ("Shooting Star").

~Lt. Jaine Hood, MD PhD, (Chief of Psychiatric Services, Deep Space 23)

His Place in Time and History: Due to the fact that Salvek had a vital role to play in the recovery of the Federation following the Dominion War and because Taris was still a threat, Starfleet's Temporal Investigations Agency would eventually be forced (unbeknownst to Salvek) to assign him a Temporal Guardian: a young and dedicated agent called Zanh Liis.

Salvek first met Zanh (from his perspective) aboard the USS Independence, toward the end of the war when she took an undercover assignment to correct another major flaw in the timeline by ensuring the crew succeeded in collapsing the Mudor filament field.

From her perspective, (she would be able to tell him this only years later) she had met him, and in fact his brother as well, previously several times in different timelines. Lines in which she had attempted to save their lives with varying degrees of success.

Sometimes, the outcome would demand that she go back, start again, and keep going until both men were once again safe in their proper place in history.

Years later, Salvek considers Zanh Liis to be one of his closest, and most trusted friends even though she officially retired from her role as his Temporal Guardian.
He feels it is his duty and honor to serve as a calming and steadying influence in Zanh's life and as part of her crew, and that is the only reason that he tolerates it when she insists on calling him "Commander Logic." or even worse, "Logic Boy."

Previous Assignments: Salvek served aboard the USS Mystery, then the USS Independence as its Chief Engineering Officer, and is also a well known research engineer within Starfleet.

He has spent the past several years on special assignment, working on a prototype trans-warp engine with his wife and fellow engineer, Lair Kellyn. They lived for three years aboard Deep Space 23, where Salvek reunited with his brother Sacul who was Commanding Officer there.

Salvek returned to service aboard ship in 2387, spending nearly a year on the Independence, initially to oversee the implementation of the new engines and propulsion system he designed for the ship at Starfleet's behest.

Salvek recently saw all of the hard work he and Kellyn had done in design over the past decade move from theory into reality, when the ship they created, the USS Alchemy NX 53099 was actually put into service.

Salvek spent the last six months at his previous assignment as Acting Executive Officer to Zanh Liis, who was serving as Acting Captain.

Salvek departed the ship at the end of 2387 to lead a small crew in search of Zanh, after she was abducted from her post- deciding that after all she had done for him and his family that trying to save her life by attempting a rescue was "The only logical conclusion one could possibly come to."

Special Skills: Salvek has the ability to instantly calculate any mathematical equation in his head, and also the ability to take anything apart and put it back together so that it functions more efficiently, be it a tricorder, phaser, or an entire warp core.

Current Assigment: Special assignment for Starfleet (Classified)Commanding Officer aboard the USS Serendipity NCC 2012, as part of The Alchemy Project.