The Department Of Temporal Investigations

Name: William Torquil Lindsay

Rank: Captain

Current Position: Temporal Investigations Agent: Jumper, Timeline Control Division, aboard the USS Vanguard

Previous Assignment: Interim Director of the Department of Temporal Investigations

Species: Human

Marital Status: Single (and with every intention of staying that way)

Age: 40

Birthplace: Earth (Scotland)

Homeworld: Earth

Physical Description:
Height: 6’1’’
Weight: 190 lb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue


Will was born into great wealth and to a family that was once considered of 'noble blood'. The term noble was not exactly what he would have called his family.

There were many terms he would call his family and his frequent repetition of these terms in earshot of his paternal grandfather, the unofficial patriarch of the family, led to the slightest of gaping rifts forming between the two of them and hence between Will and anyone with a desire for an inheritance.

These things meant nothing to Will as he considered his family’s lifestyle of self indulgence to be devoid of any real worth and so would end up doing all he could to distance himself from them and his upbringing.

Though not particularly fond of the people it currently consisted of Will was still proud of what the Clan Lindsay had once represented. He has tried to live his life by the family motto of Endure Fort (Suffer Bravely) but with little opportunity to suffer in the life he had let alone do it bravely he decided to join Starfleet at soon as he was old enough.

Will seized every opportunity to enjoy himself from the moment he stepped into the Academy but still managed to do well, leading to respect from some higher ups and disdain from others. It was the recommendations of some of the respectful ones that eventually led to Will being recruited by Temporal Investigations.

Through time and tradition Will, as the oldest son, would come to inherit certain family lands and though everyone in his family expected him to simply abandon them he has ensured they’re taken care of to this day.

How High On the Way Up: The O'Sullivan Years

In his capacity as a Jumper for Temporal Investigations Will spent several years partnered to Keiran O’Sullivan as part of the Timeline Control Division. Their working relationship started out rocky with O’Sullivan still brooding over his previous Jump partner Zanh Liis; but over the years the two developed a close friendship and nearly unbreakable trust.

The Golden Boys of Temporal Investigations: Lindsay...and his mentor, Keiran O'Sullivan

This trust would be broken by Will on Halius II. They were scheduled to rendezvous with the USS Aries but Will refused to wait, believing he could fulfil their mission alone. Will enlisted the help of an old friend named Aileene in getting transport on the planet, not realising that Keiran discovered his plans to play hero and was following closely behind. They arrived safely at the planet but they only had minimal intelligence on the terrain and were completely unprepared. Their plans were discovered and the Klingons attacked. Will escaped largely unharmed but Keiran was wounded and tragically Aileene was killed. Though they remained friends this is still a sensitive topic to this day.
Will and Keiran made a gentleman’s agreement during the time they served together; if Keiran were to die first then Will would have to attend his funeral wearing a kilt whereas if Will were to die first then Keiran would have to take at least one full lesson on the bagpipes. True to his word Will would uphold his side of the agreement in an alternate timeline where Keiran died. It was there he first met Zanh Liis from her perspective.

O’Sullivan was never able to completely forget Zanh Liis and came to believe that as long as he had these memories he would be unable to trust himself to function as the job demanded him. In the interests of Will’s safety Keiran had him reassigned without telling and prepared to go in for another round of resequencing procedures. When Will found out he was furious and confronted O’Sullivan. Will struck Keiran just once. He’d always regret that punch which he felt he was only able to land because of the trust Keiran had in him. It especially stung because Keiran’s response was one of sadness, not anger.

Post O’Sullivan

A rift formed between Will and Keiran when Keiran decided (after the latest resequencing failed) to once again tell Zanh Liis how he felt about her. Will did not wish to see O’Sullivan go through having his heart broken again and so refused to support him; cutting off contact. They would not speak for two years until Keiran was scheduled to go in for a dangerous, experimental procedure and Will showed up the day before to speak to him, not wanting to leave things as they had been since he'd been told O'Sullivan may not survive the operation.

Though Keiran gave Will his forgiveness he still went through with the procedure, and forgot completely who Will was.

They did not speak for seven years until Keiran contacted him again. Keiran revealed that he remembered both Will and Liis and was now serving with her on the Serendipity.

When O’Sullivan and Zanh were reunited and decided to marry in the current timeline, Will returned to Earth to serve as officiant for the ceremony. It was there he would first meet Zanh Liis from his perspective.

When Lair Arie was kidnapped from the Serendipity Will was chosen to take Liis back to the ship in an attempt to rescue the child. Will tried to convince Liis not to be involved in the rescue by tampering with both their temporal compasses so she’d have no readings to go by, but Liis saw through this. Arie was successfully rescued and Will’s tampering was discovered. It was then that it was revealed that he was Arie’s temporal Guardian.

On his way back to Earth and before Will could return to his normal duties he was offered a job by Admiral Gemini Lassiter. Officially this job was Interim Director of the Department of Temporal Investigations while Jonas Vox was locked away. Unofficially Will would be searching for corruption within the department. Although reluctant to find himself sitting behind a desk Will did accept the job.


William Lindsay is an honourable and even responsible man in his way, though perhaps better suited to less ordered times. He lives by his own code, never afraid to break the rules the rest of the galaxy lives by, but there are some things he would never do. He would do anything to look after a friend. He would never break a promise to them nor would he ever intentionally let them down. That said he has been known to do so unintentionally.

Will acts on impulse and does whatever he thinks is right regardless of what may be the consequences. Will is a risk taker who loves to take advantage of every moment of being alive. He’s certainly made mistakes in this life but rarely takes them into consideration. He’s naturally fun loving and therefore a born jokester, but he still finds nothing uncomfortable about silence.

Will has a penchant for beautiful woman but doesn’t believe there’s any such thing as love. He accepts that there is lust and infatuation but doesn’t believe there’s any substance in it. He believes this is just something he’s learnt with experience.

Ambitions: Pretty much whatever appealing thing comes up; if it’s a challenge and it sounds like fun then it’ll be an ambition of his that day.

Likes: A good drink, an evening with a good woman and doing something he’s never done before.

Dislikes: Being restricted, bureaucracy and Jonas Vox.

Strengths: Will is extremely charming, quick thinking and full of enough self confidence that he never second guesses himself when he can’t afford to.

Weaknesses: No one is as charming as Will thinks he is, often won’t take the time to think things through and is so self confident that he never gives his decisions a second thought even when he really should.

(Originally posted 11/7/08)