Starfleet Profile: Communications Officer

Name: Dane Marion Cristiane
Rank: Ensign
Age: 24
Species: Human
Birthplace: Effingham Illinois; Earth
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Communications Officer, USS Serendipity

Physical Description:
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Scars/tattoos/distinguishing marks: Dane has an elaborate cross tattooed onto his right arm. On his left arm, he has a scull and crossbones within a compass rose made of thorns.

Both of his ears have been pierced over the years and he wears one small gold hoop in his right ear when off duty (and is bent on having it accepted into Uniform Code- he says if the Bajorans can wear an earring why can't he? Zanh is still debating the issue with him.)

He also has a very fine scar (a line) that runs along his jawline on the left side but is barely distinguishable (you really have to look for it)

Things he likes: Very little.

Things he hates: At the beginning of his career aboard the Sera? Almost everything.


Dane was a 'throw-away' child. He was born to a very young mother and never knew who his father was. When she could not properly care for him, he was put into the child welfare system. He never felt he really had a home or anyone who cared about him growing up, and when he was twelve he ran away from his last foster home and did not plan on ever returning to Earth again.

He made his way doing anything he could to survive, selling banned substances, selling himself.

Eventually , by the age of 19 he ended up working at the "Spa"- read- house of prostitution- on Deep Space 23. His official job title was 'massage therapist." He made extra money selling information in addition to the usual services.

That was where he met Zanh Liis, while she was working undercover.

She employed him to obtain information for her- and when the situation on the station destabilized and most of the civilians were leaving, Zanh made Dane an offer that intrigued him.

She thought that he would be a perfect candidate for Special Operations, or Temporal Investigations.

Figuring it may be his only way out of the life he had long since resigned himself to, he took her up on that offer and returned to Earth. Bypassing the Academy in favor of an intensive, covert Starfleet training program that would bring him into the fold at TI without ever registering him on the radar as a recruit.

Years of being on his own and answering to no one, however, have left Dane with the distinct impression that he knows best in almost every situation. Anyone who disagrees with him either doesn't see the bigger picture, have all the facts, or is just a total moron.

This did not win him any points with his trainers and handlers in TI training- and Admiral Vox has reached the end of his limited patience with the young man- offering one last chance for him to get his attitude right, or go back to the streets and the dead end life he wanted to escape.

Vox contacted Zanh and told her that she could either try to reign in Cristiane herself, or he was through with the program. So, Zanh figured that making him take on the task of basically "being a glorified receptionist" was the best way to get him in hand.

The first thing she did when he arrived aboard ship? Make him cut his long, shaggy hair.

It remains to be seen if Dane will make it through the rest of his training and go on to his intended career in Temporal Investigations. Admiral Vox has turned him over to Zanh Liis at the beginning of 2388 with this order: "Break his rebellious streak, or break his neck trying."

Dane was taken on as a personal project by Lt. Commander Keiran O'Sullivan when the towering Irishman began serving aboard the Sera as Chief of Security.

He began to show that he did have the ability to take orders and accept authority, even if only grudgingly, respecting O'Sullivan as no one he had ever met.

All of that would begin to quickly unravel after O'Sullivan was reassigned, quickly and quietly following first contact with the mysterious Sylph.

TC Blane stepped up immediately. Not wanting to see Dane regress, Blane informed him that he planned to continue the training that O'Sullivan had started, but Cristiane resisted at every turn.

Angry and bitter, Dane blamed Zanh Liis entirely for O'Sullivan's departure, certain that somehow she must have made the decision, or been the reason that someone else had been forced to make it.

Knowing how resentful Dane was, Admiral Vox took advantage of his vulnerability and feelings that the one person he thought he could trust had abandoned him.

To serve his own agenda, Vox ensnared Dane into a plot to bring him proof that Zanh Liis had withheld pertinent information after her Sylph encounter; information vital to Temporal Investigations and the Federation...and vital to the future of Keiran O'Sullivan.

He promised Dane that if he succeeded in his assignment to prove Zanh a liar that he would be reassigned to O'Sullivan's TI command, the USS Perseids.

Dane took the bait, and he ended up getting caught in the act of going through Zanh's personal effects.

She intervened before he could do any real damage, but the fragile trust forged between them was shattered by his betrayal.

Realizing how huge a mistake he'd made and how badly his course of action had wounded Zanh personally, Dane was devastated. He was tormented by guilt, thinking how disappointed Keiran would be in him if he knew what he'd done.

Anxious for any and all chances to redeem himself, Dane jumped at the opportunity to join the Away Team assigned to attempt a rescue of O'Sullivan's son, who had run away and gotten himself into a situation he couldn't get out of.

At the end of the rescue mission, the crew once again encountered the Sylph and Dane was caught up in a "Alternate Continuity Paradox," within which he experienced a very different 'reality' than the one he was accustomed to.

A frightening, dark series of events in that time line left him standing in a field in Ireland, next to Keiran O'Sullivan's grave.

After the crew was returned to their proper place in time and space, Dane was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the things he'd seen and experienced in that 'other time' - and at last truly understood what it meant to work for Temporal Investigations.

All that they had tried to teach him previously and failed clicked instantly in his mind.

He was changed to the core by his new found understanding of the things Zanh and O'Sullivan had been through and accomplished in their careers for the sake of the Federation.

He wanted, for the first time in his life, to not only live up to their expectations of him but to exceed them.

Determined to work harder than ever to make a career with TI a reality, Dane has decided that a future Jumping timelines to keep History in check is exactly what he was born to do.

Songs that define Dane (chosen by the writer)

Name by the Goo Goo Dolls

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